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For those looking for an easy, eco-friendly housing solution, then VanHome is the perfect answer. Your VanHome can be modified to be suitable as an off-grid solution. In order to create an off-grid solution, you will need to connect alternative sources, such as solar power and composting toilets.

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Yes, you can by attaching the panel support braces to the sidewalls and centre beam for support. Once it's delivered and set up on-site, then the solar panels can be fitted, and they would have to be removed if the home were to be relocated later. If you are looking to put solar panels on the roof, please speak with our team of experts. 

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Your power supply is connected with a 15 amp extension lead, the same as on a caravan. There are two inlets. One will supply power and lights to the home. The second inlet is dedicated for the optional air-conditioning unit. If you choose to have Electric Cooking appliances or HWS this would require a 32amp or greater extension lead.  

This is dependant on the model you choose. We can include airconditioning in the studio models because the studio doesn't expand. In the expanding models, the most appropriate place to put the air-conditioner is going to be on a folding wall. As a result, we won’t be able to include air conditioning in the expanding models. However; we can include all of the wiring, the circuits and the input running to a junction box under the van, so you can easily organise for an air conditioner to be installed upon completion of the VanHome set-up.

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Your gas will be connected up to your VanHome on set-up and will run on an LPG system. 

Due to the nature of VanHomes, we do not recommend installing a gas heater. Please speak with our team of experts to discuss your options and requirements.

Yes, we can organise to customise your VanHome to allow for the installation of a wood burner. We would need to modify your VanHome to ensure the appropriate hearth is fitted. We also recommend a triple flue and a large cutout filled with rockwool to prevent damage to the roof panels. Please speak with our team of experts to discuss your options and requirements.

Your water supply is connected via a garden hose clip-on connection, and that will supply water to your sink, toilet, shower, hot water system. Your cooking and hot-water system are on LPG. The only thing that you're required to do is to get a plumber to connect the drainage to a sewer line or a septic tank.

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We recently introduced a premium range where customers are able to upgrade all of their fixtures to a more premium finish. This includes lights, the cooker and the oven. Rather than your standard free-standing cooker, we can customise this into an inbuilt oven and cooktop, with a stainless finish and slide-out range hood. We can also include extra power-points and the likes for an additional cost. Please speak with our team of experts to discuss your options and requirements.