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VanHomes Finance Guide

We can help you bring your dream to life with financial assistance.

Do you need financial assistance?

We have partnered with an independent broker to help you make your VanHome a reality faster. We now have finance available across all our models. The loan terms are as follows.

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Please note: Terms and Conditions apply.

Loan Terms up to 7 years for Consumer

Loan Terms up to 5 years for Commercial

Loan amounts up to $150,00 incl. fees and charges


Rates starting from 7.95%


Minimim 10% deposit required for Financing


Get an answer within 3 to 5 working days


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Most of our customers are able to arrange their own finance by organising a re-draw on their mortgage. For a private buyer that doesn't have a property, it can be more difficult to get finance.

If required, we can assist by providing a reference to a finance broker. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

If you are looking to get a VanHome for business purposes, you can apply for a commercial lease. As your VanHome is a registrable vehicle, your financing company will likely treat the purchase as if you are purchasing a truck or a motor vehicle.

Feel free to contact us to get in touch to discuss your options.

No, we will take a deposit, and then we accept that the customer will have the money to pay for it once it's all complete.

The customer is required to pay a 20% deposit at a minimum.

Once the deposit is paid, your place in the build schedule will be secured, and the process starts from there.

Yes, you are able to choose your own financier.

Your VanHome will need to be insured like a registrable caravan. The most effective way is to discuss coverage with your current household insurer.
As an alternative, for the most competitive pricing and quality coverage, we recommend that you first VISIT THE OFFICE (not over the phone) of your local NRMA / RACQ / RACV (or equivalent insurer).
Alternatively, if you intend to position your VanHome within a Land Lease Community or Caravan Park, you may also be able to obtain coverage via MHIA - https://mhia.com.au/contact
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