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Unlocking Agritourism Opportunities

Revitalise Your Farm with Planning Updates

Benefits of Agritourism Planning Amendments

  1. Increased Land Utilisation: With new planning amendments, you can maximise land use flexibility. Embrace innovative agricultural practices and expand production capacity without unnecessary restrictions.

  2. Streamlined Permit Processes: Say goodbye to red tape and bureaucratic hurdles. These amendments streamline permit processes, facilitating new structures, expansions, and agricultural projects.

  3. Environmental Sustainability: Modern agriculture emphasises sustainability. Discover how these amendments promote eco-friendly farming practices, encouraging the adoption of methods that benefit your bottom line and protect the environment for future generations.

  4. Diversification Opportunities: Explore income diversification with new planning amendments. Unlock agritourism, on-farm accommodation, and value-added opportunities to maximise your farm's potential.

  5. Community Engagement: Engage with your local community and share your agricultural story. These changes may encourage community involvement and support for your farm, creating a more vital, resilient agricultural ecosystem.

Agritourism Planning Rules

New planning reforms were initiated in December 2022 and have since been extended to additional regions throughout the state.

  •  Help landowners add value to their agricultural operations and encourage the next generation to farm the land.

  • Help make farms more resilient to the economic impacts of natural disasters and other unexpected events.

  • Support sustainable tourism, giving people more reasons to visit regional and rural NSW.

The reforms have no impact on agritourism businesses that are already operating lawfully.

NSW Agritourism Planning Rules - VanHomes

Agritourism Planning Changes

The NSW Government has introduced clear planning terms for Agritourism. These include:

Farm Gate Premises: Where visitors interact with farm produce, such as fruit picking, sales, tasting, workshops, and cafes.

Farm Experience Premises: Where visitors can experience life on a farm, including tours, horse riding, weddings, functions, and retreats.

Farm Stay Accomodation: Including camping, caravanning, and glamping.

These changes help farmers grasp the potential of using their land for extra income, making exploring new revenue opportunities easier.

Discover The Agritourism Changes
NSW Agritourism Planning Changes - VanHomes

VanHomes: Your Agriculture Partner

At VanHomes, we understand the importance of staying informed and making the most of these planning amendments. Farmers can boost income by offering tourist accommodations that complement farming, generating positive cash flow.

Farms over 37 acres can set up 6 VanHomes on the property without council approval. These can be hired as tourist accommodations, giving farmers a cashflow-positive investment supplementing their farming income.

Our experts will guide you, helping you leverage these changes. From eco-friendly farming structures to innovative land utilisation, we have the expertise to help you succeed in agriculture's evolving landscape. We provide nationwide delivery of VanHomes tailor-made to meet your needs, whether big or small. Our expertise ensures a seamless experience, catering to all your requirements.

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The Future is Bright

The future of agriculture in New South Wales is brighter than ever, thanks to the latest planning amendments. Embrace these changes, and let them become the catalyst for your farm's growth and prosperity.

VanHomes is committed to supporting you every step of your agricultural journey. Explore our resources, connect with our experts, and unlock the full potential of your farm today.

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