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Your VanHomes water supply is a garden hose clip-on connection, and that will supply water to the unit. Your power supply is done with a 15 amp extension lead, the same as on a caravan. There are two inlets. One will supply power and lights to the  VanHome. The second inlet is dedicated for the optional air-conditioning unit. Your cooking systems run on LPG.

We will always work to customise your VanHome according to your specifications. While we don't have a list of customisations, we will always work to what you want to achieve. We will also be transparent about all design constraints and any limitations. Unfortunately, the only change we truly can’t make is changing the kitchen door colour from White and Granite or Stone Benchtops. Depending upon the changes you require, there may be additional charges.

Your VanHome will come with a kitchen,  including a plug-in cooker, upright stove & oven or built-in hotplate and oven with a range hood. However, like a brand-new home, appliances, including a fridge and microwave will need to be bought at your own discretion.

Yes, we can fit a dishwasher in your kitchen. We can either leave the space for a dishwasher to be installed after your VanHome is delivered or if you supply us with the dishwasher of your choice, we can fit it for you free of charge during the build process. Additionally, depending on the model you choose, we can also fit a laundry. The laundry can either be placed in the bathroom, the second bedroom or have a European Laundry cabinet in the kitchen area. We can discuss the best option based on your requirements.

 Yes, your VanHome can come with an optional island bench or breakfast bar. Simply talk to our friendly sales team for sizes available and additional costs.

Yes, we can fit a window over your kitchen sink. However, you need to be mindful; it will mean you loose overhead cupboard space that is usually over the kitchen sink. Alternatively, we can fit a slimline window underneath the overhead cupboards. This will allow additional light in but being positioned just above your floor cabinets, it will be to low to look out the window at standing height and would be subject to water splashing on it from the sink.