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VanHomes: Your Council Bypass

Affordable living made simple with VanHomes.

Check Your Local Council Regulations

VanHomes are a registrable caravan

VanHomes identify as a registrable caravan, which means your VanHome may not need to go through any council building approvals. However; legislation surrounding on-site caravans, caravans on private property or in a backyard will vary from state to state.

In New South Wales, state-wide legislation allows a caravan to be used for permanent habitation, provided that the person using the caravan is a member of the owner's household.

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VanHomes vs Caravans

Local Government Regulation in NSW allowing caravans to be built without prior council building approval.

Section 77 of Subdivision 3 the state-wide legislation relates to Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings which are given conditional exemptions where no council building approval is required. 

As registrable caravans, VanHomes do not need to go through any council building approval.

Please check out the exemptions below.

VanHomes - NSW Caravan Legislation

What about outside of NSW?

NSW is currently the only state that has a blanket exemption on caravans.

If you are located outside of NSW, looking at your local laws or speaking to your council will be able to provide the relevant information on using a caravan for accommodation.

Most councils outside of NSW allow the use of a caravan with a permit, and some even have adopted the same exemption as NSW Legislation.

Why VanHomes?

VanHomes are an excellent granny flat solution if you’re looking at options for elderly relatives who want to live close by while maintaining independence, or young couples who are saving for a family home. Plus, granny flats also increase the value of your property.


100% Relocatable Homes

Our homes are built onto a towable chassis, with fully functioning wheels, brakes and lights. Should you move, we can relocate your home anywhere you'd like.

No BA Approval

Our product is a legally registrable caravan and is lawfully able to be sited without a building application.

BCA Compliance

As our product is a legally registrable caravan, it can be sited in flood-prone and fire-prone areas without needing to comply with the Building Code of Australia.


Our VanHomes range from 17-60 squared meters. To put this into perspective, the average size of a Sydney apartment is 42 squared meters.

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What if I plan to use my VanHome as an investment?

If you are planning on renting your VanHome, or using it as an AirBnB style investment property, you will have to go through council building approvals.

This is because the person living in the VanHome may not be related to someone living in the main dwelling. We are happy to assist you in helping you plan for your VanHome, and discussing what options will work for you.

The VanHomes Difference

What about if I plan on using my own vacant block of land?

If you are looking to place your VanHome on a vacant block of land, you will be required to apply for council building approvals if there is no existing dwelling on this property.

Previously in this situation, this has been a relatively seamless process if in a rural area.

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