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We build stylish relocatable houses that you will be proud to call home.

Since 2008, VanHomes have been building innovative homes onto a chassis with wheels, which can be located anywhere in Australia. It is VanHome's mission is to provide innovative, affordable housing to all Australians.

How long does a VanHome take to set up on-site?

It generally takes two people less than half a day to set up a VanHome on your site ready for you to move in.


Why would I consider the VanHome over an alternative re-locatable home?

There are several reasons why you might consider;

1. You do not want the delay and hassle in applying for building permits.

2. You want a quick and easy solution to your housing needs.

3. Your land is in a flood-prone area, and buildings are permitted.

4. You want a home that is affordable and can be quickly delivered on-site. Additionally having the option to be just as easily relocated again in case your circumstances change in the future.

5. You want quality and value for money.


Are VanHomes insulated?

 Yes, they have insulated vinyl wall cladding and roof.


Is there a choice of colours available?

Yes, there is a choice of colours for the cladding, aluminium window and door frames, flashing and balustrades, allowing you to customise the style of your VanHome entirely.


How is power connected?

Your VanHome is fully wired complete with safety switch circuit breakers; all you have to do is connect a 15 amp power extension lead to the power inlet plug.


How heavy to tow are they?

The tare weight of your VanHome ranges from 2200kg to 4490kg.


What is the resale value?

The resale value is excellent because all VanHomes are individually built, and the prices of building material keep increasing. Newly built homes always cost more than homes built several years ago, allowing the homes to hold their value and in some instances, increase in value.


How many pieces does a VanHome come in?

VanHomes are a one-piece unit that folds out to give you a 2.4m or 7.0m wide home.


What materials are used to build a VanHome?

Your VanHome is built to last using ALLGAL galvanised steel and aluminium for the chassis and wall frames, wooden flooring (covered with your choice of carpet or vinyl), insulated composite roofing panels, with house grade windows and doors. 


Can I customise the design of my VanHome?

Yes, you can make changes to floor plan layout within the parameters of standard design.


How are the water and waste connected?

Your VanHome comes fully plumbed internally for water supply; all you have to do on-site is connect a garden water hose to the water inlet. For septic/sewer options, you can have your VanHome plumbed into either your sewer or septic tank. If neither of these options are available, you have the option to be fitted with a range of eco self-composting or incinerating toilets. 


I like what I see, what is my next step?

It is as easy as speaking to one of our friendly sales consultants! From there we can arrange for you to inspect a display home at our factory. After this, we will run you through selecting your model, colours and customisations. It's as easy as that! Once you have placed your deposit, we will build your VanHome to your specifications. You can inspect it at our factory before we send our delivery team to install it on your property.


Does the warranty come with my VanHome purchase?

Yes, full manufacturers warranty applies to your purchase.


What makes the VanHome a better alternative to an on-site caravan with annex accommodation?

The design of the VanHome gives you a much bigger open area with full height ceilings all on the same level.


Do VanHomes come complete with Kitchen and Bathroom?

Yes, they have full size: kitchen, stove, bathroom toilet and shower.


Are floor coverings and light fittings included in the price?

Yes, the homes have your choice of carpet or vinyl in the living areas and vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom. We use high-quality, batten fluorescent light fittings. 


Are specialised or expensive transport equipment required to transport a VanHome?

Specialised or expensive transport equipment is not required. VanHomes can be transported using a large 4WD or light truck. However, we do not recommend attempting to tow due to how this may impact your warranty.


How long do they take to build?

It's a good question. All VanHomes are built at our Somersby manufacturing plant, with high attention to detail. Completion time range based on model and demand at the time. We try our hardest to deliver your VanHome as fast as possible, but never want to compromise quality. 

It may take longer if we have many previous orders to yours when you place your order.

We occasionally do have floor-stock vans that are ready for purchase instantly.

Our sales consultants will be able to inform you of our current lead time and availability.

Want to learn more about the VanHomes difference?

Since 2008, VanHomes have been building innovative homes onto a chassis with wheels, which can be located anywhere in Australia.

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