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What Are The Differences in VanHomes Models?

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Innovative Designs

Would you like to know more about our range of Granny Flat Models?

Are you searching for the perfect Granny Flat to call home for you or a family member?

Our homes are built onto a towable chas­sis, with fully functioning wheels, brakes and lights. Your VanHome is 100% relocatable.

Discover VanHomes Designs
VanHomes Innovation

Studio Suite

The Studio Suite is our smallest design transportable homes but is the most versatile and affordable. This design offers an easy way to accommodate families across a variety of occasions.

This suite is known as a non-expanding home.

The Studio Suite ranges from 7.2 meters in length up to 10.6 meters in length. The VanHomes team also offer smaller versions, but they are not self-sufficient, meaning they are not fully functional with a bathroom and kitchen.

Discover the Studio Suite
Studio Suite - VanHomes

Single Expanding Suite

The Single Expanding Suite is our mid-range design and it strikes a balance in creating a space that works for the whole family.

What does single-expanding mean? It means that it folds out on one side and doubles the original chassis' floor space.

They range from 7.2 to 10.6 meters in length and fold out to 4.7 meters wide once the Van is on site. We offer approximately 12 different designs in this model.

Discover the Single Expanding
Single Expanding Suite - VanHomes 1

Double Expanding Suite

This suite folds out on both sides, taking the chassis from 2.5 meters to 7 meters wide. The Double Expanding Suites range from 7.2 meters to 8.4 meters in length.

You'll find this luxury design is a step above the standard, offering an innovative and modern take on a family home or spacious granny-flat.

This VanHome is cleverly designed to make the most of the space and provides the level of style, quality, and liveability that aligns with your lifestyle.

Discover the Double Expanding
Double Expanding Suite - VanHomes

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Comfortable and Spacious

Most of us are on the lookout for a housing solution that suits not just ourselves but our entire family. We want a home that is comfortable and spacious. With your VanHome, you can create a home that can range anywhere from 17 to 60 square meters, all dependent on your personal preference.


Our dedicated team works to create innovative solutions for your housing solutions. Using innovative designs and material combined with quality workmanship, VanHomes is on the path to be Australia's preferred choice as a supplier of portable housing.