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Are you in need of an alternative housing solution? Portable Granny Flats in Port Macquarie, Taree, and Forster is the ideal housing for anyone who leads a fast-paced lifestyle or who is just uncertain if they’re going to stay in one location for long. Maybe you’re an adventurer who likes to travel from place to place often or a university student who’s not sure where you would like to move after you graduate. Or maybe you’re a young couple or elderly individual who wants to stick close to family, but who still values your own privacy and independence. Granny Flats are perfect for anyone who requires a mobile, affordable, and simple living option.


Vanhomes provides portable Granny Flats in Taree, Forester, and Port Macquarie. They are an innovative alternative accommodation solution provider who offers high-quality housing at affordable prices. Their Granny Flats are built with a sturdy steel and aluminium frame, water-resistant floors, and a custom-made, one-piece aluminium roof, ensuring you will have a quality home that will last for years.


The Benefits of Portable Granny Flats

Portable Granny Flats are ideal for many reasons. They don’t need the construction permits that typical caravans do, so you won’t have to take the time and hassle of acquiring building permits. That means they’re quick to build, with average construction time being three weeks. Installing them on-site takes two workers only half a day because each Granny Flat is brought on-site in one piece, so your new home will be up in no time. Plus, they’re easily moveable with the help of a truck or a large vehicle, so you can move your Vanhome portable Granny Flat from place to place whenever you need to make a change.

Granny Flats are also incredibly cost-effective. Not only are they affordable from the beginning, but also they can usually be resold at your buying price. Because they’re already built, and materials just keep getting more expensive, you can even often get more than the original value.


Vanhomes Offers High-Quality Granny Flats

Vanhomes' Granny Flats come built with high-quality design and materials, and they’re pre-equipped with many features to make the moving process as easy as possible. Each home can be customised to fit your personal taste, with a range of colour choices on accents such as cladding, windows, doorframes, and moulding. The layout of your home can be rearranged to suit your needs, as well.


Each Granny Flat is already fully equipped with plumbing and electric systems. Getting your home up and running is as simple as plugging it into a power outlet and attaching a couple of hoses to bring in water and carry out waste. Each home is fully insulated to protect you from harsh weather conditions and comes with carpeting throughout, with the exception of vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. And unlike with other alternative housing solutions, you receive full-height ceilings and a more open floor plan. Each home even comes with a full warranty to attest to its high quality. Portable Granny Flats in Forester, Taree, and Port Macquarie from VanHomes is an innovative and convenient alternative housing solution.

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Lachlan Prior

Written by Lachlan Prior