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Buying a house can be limiting. First off, it’s usually expensive, and second, it often limits your mobility because you’re making a large investment. Renting an apartment can be an equally as limiting option because you often have to sign a lease that keeps you tied to one place for a certain period. Traditional housing can often hold back those who wish to live a more adventurous and flexible lifestyle, or who just don’t have the money to think about buying a house but who still want their own space.

Luckily, there’s Vanhomes, a company that provides innovative alternative living solutions. They have introduced portable Granny Flats to Orange, Bathurst, and Dubbo, which are affordable, simple, and completely mobile houses that can be easily constructed and transported from place to place. They’re the ideal solution for those who see a move in their near futures or those who are looking towards buying a house but aren’t quite ready yet. They also provide a great solution for families who have elderly family members or post grads that need to live close to family but still desire privacy and independence.


High-Quality Homes

Vanhomes’ portable Granny Flats in Bathurst, Dubbo, and Orange are not only simple and affordable, but they’re also stylish and high quality. Each home is built with a solid steel and aluminium frame, water-resistant floors, and custom aluminium roofs, so they’ll last you for years. Granny Flats are more spacious than other caravan solutions, providing you with a full height ceiling. And each home comes with a complete manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving quality.

Each Granny Flat comes equipped with electric and plumbing systems, so they make moving even easier. All you have to do when you change sites is connect your home to a water hose and a waste hose and plug it into a power outlet. Homes are also fully insulated to protect you from harsh weather and even come complete with carpet flooring throughout, except in the kitchen and bathrooms, which come with vinyl flooring.


Why Granny Flats Are Better

Granny Flats are much more cost effective than traditional housing and other housing solutions. They are built with high-quality material that escalate in price, so you can often sell your Granny Flat for more than you paid for it, which is a sound investment all around. Plus, you don’t have to spend time or money trying to obtain building permits like you would with other housing.

Vanhomes’ portable Granny Flats in Dubbo, Bathurst, and Orange are also quick to build and install. Average construction time takes about three weeks, and average installation is usually less than half a day. Homes are brought on-site in one piece, so installation is as easy as unfolding your Granny Flat. They come in two sizes: 4.9m or 7.1m wide. And if you decide you want to move your flat, you can simply attach it to a truck or a large vehicle so you can go mobile with ease. For the best alternative housing solution, turn to VanHomes for your portable Granny Flats in Orange, Dubbo, and Bathurst.

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Lachlan Prior

Written by Lachlan Prior