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If you’re going through a transitional time in your life or are just making a temporary stop in a certain location, you probably don’t want to put your money towards buying or renting a permanent living solution. Traditional houses and apartments can be expensive and difficult to sell, limiting your mobility and keeping you tied to one place. Luckily, there are many alternative housing solutions to accommodate your situation better.

Vanhomes is an innovative alternative accommodation solution provider, offering unique solutions to the problem of expensive and inflexible housing. Their portable Granny Flats in NSW, Tamworth, Newcastle, Maitland, and Singleton are well-designed, high-quality, completely mobile, and affordable. They’re the perfect option for travellers who wish to have a relocatable residence so they can see the world, young couples who wish for independence but are still saving towards that first home, or even elderly relatives who need the assistance of family but wish to have their own space. Portable Granny Flats in Tamworth, Newcastle, Maitland, NSW, and Singleton are the ideal option for more unorthodox and flexible living situations.


The Flats

Vanhomes’ portable Granny Flats in Newcastle, Maitland, NSW, Singleton, and Tamworth are completely mobile, so you can easily move them with the help of a truck or a large vehicle should your life situation change and you need to make a move. Vanhomes allows you to customise the look of your Granny Flat with a range of colour choices for your cladding, windows, doorframes, and moulding and also lets you determine the layout of your portable home, as long as it falls within certain parameters of standard design. They come fully equipped with both plumbing and electric systems; all you need to do to get up and running is connect a couple of hoses and connect to the power outlet. Homes also come complete with insulation and flooring, vinyl in the bathroom and kitchen, carpet throughout the rest.


Portable Granny Flats in Maitland, NSW, Singleton, Tamworth, and Newcastle are also a more simple and cost-effective choice than traditional caravans or mobile homes. Their layout gives you a more open space and full height ceilings. Plus, they don’t require the hassle and expense of building permits. Because they’re already built and material prices continue to rise, there’s a good chance you can resell your Portable Granny Flat at full value or even at a higher value than your purchase price.


Quick, Easy, and Simple

Vanhomes can generally build your custom portable Granny Flat in about two weeks. Each flat comes to your site in one folded piece, and can be unfolded to either a 4.9m or 7.1m width, so set up is easy. It usually takes two of their staff less than half a day to set up your new home. Plus, full manufacturer’s warranty comes with your Vanhome purchase, so you know you’re not only getting ease and affordability but quality as well. If you need an alternative living solution, consider portable Granny Flats in Singleton, NSW, Newcastle, Maitland, and Tamworth.

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Lachlan Prior

Written by Lachlan Prior