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When a need for portable cabins exists in Australia, the country’s specialist, Vanhomes, is called upon to provide the solution. For five years now, the company has been the nation’s top manufacturer of portable cabins for Sydney, Melbourne, and anywhere in the Central Coast. They have gained a reputation for excellence by using only the finest quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and by offering exceptional service to its customers. The professional and forward-thinking staff of VanHomes takes pride in its efforts and it shows.

Vanhomes offers customers portable cabins in Melbourne that are made of the best materials and feature innovative designs. It is that innovation that has helped the company become Australia’s largest builder of manufactured towable cabins and granny flats. The company constructs all units from durable steel and aluminum. All the buildings are built in one piece. The floors are water resistant and the roofs are aluminum and covered with waterproof and soundproof rubber paint. Customers can choose from a variety of designs or can custom design their own unit.


While customers like the idea of being able to design their unit, they also enjoy the fact that the process is quick. There are no building permits necessary so there is no waiting around for any approvals. Once a customer makes a decision on a design, Vanhomes can begin building the unit. Typically, a mobile structure can be completed in three weeks. Though actual delivery time will vary depending on the order schedule, but it is possible to have a fully functional unit within a month.


Say a customer wants portable cabins on the Central Coast. Another of the many reasons customers choose Vanhomes is that the units are easily deliverable and easy to hook up. Since they are made in one piece, all portable structures made by Vanhomes are easy to transport. When a unit is delivered to its site, getting it to its fully operational status is relatively easy. Electricity and water are easy to hook up and a team of two can have a unit ready to go in roughly half a day.


Another advantage to choosing portable buildings by Vanhomes has to do with flood zones. There are many areas around Sydney and other cities that are flood prone. In those areas, building is usually not permitted. As a result, those looking to maybe expand a home or in need of some type of accommodations are out of luck. The solution, though, is a portable unit from VanHomes, since only towable structures are permitted in flood zones.


When a solution is needed for your accommodation needs, turn to the expert professionals in the industry. Vanhomes is an Australian owned and operated business that takes great pride in providing quality products and service to its customers. A mobile unit from Vanhomes is a wise investment. If using as a granny flat, the structure has been proven to add to a property’s value. The resale value on a Vanhomes portable unit is also very high. You can’t go wrong when you chose portable accommodations from the country’s best.

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Lachlan Prior

Written by Lachlan Prior