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The leading provider of mobile accommodation solutions is Vanhomes, which has grown its business by providing impeccable quality and craftsmanship paired with exceptional service. The company has become the preferred choice of those needing accommodations for a wide variety of purposes. Vanhomes manufactures mobile cabins for Sydney residents, workers accommodations for those working on various job sites, and granny flats for those who may have an elderly relative looking to stay closer to family.

No matter the purpose or the type of building, Vanhomes builds all of its structures with the best quality materials. All frames are made of steel and aluminum. All the floors are water resistant and the roofs are coated with soundproof and waterproof paint. Mobile cabins or granny flats from Vanhomes are delivered in one piece. This makes them very easy to deliver anywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, or most any location in Australia.


When delivered, mobile cabins in Melbourne, for example, can be set up very quickly. For those who may need instant accommodations, this is a big plus. Once the unit is in place, a two-man team can have everything connected and fully operational in approximately half a day. The ease of delivery and hook up is part of the reason that Vanhomes portable buildings are so popular.


In considering Vanhomes versus the competition, remember that in dealing with the company you are dealing with the experts in the industry. When mobile cabins in Melbourne are needed quickly, in dealing with Vanhomes there will be no wait for any building permits. Also do not forget that there are several areas in Melbourne, Sydney, and in the Central Coast that are flood zones. In these areas, only towable structures are permitted. VanHomes is the perfect choice for an easily delivered, easy-to-set-up accommodation solution.


Mobile cabins are a specialty of Vanhomes and caravan park operators all over the country know that they are the industry leader. Caravan park operators who want a higher return on their investment buy from Vanhomes. A big plus in buying structures from Vanhomes is that while they are 4.7 metres wide, the cabins are still legally a registered caravan and can be sited on any caravan site without needing a development application. This is a big plus for park operators.


Vanhomes is a popular choice for granny flats. Families that have an elderly relative or a young couple looking to save money choose units from Vanhomes. An added plus is what a mobile flat can do for one’s property value. It is been proven that a VanHomes portable accommodation increases property values by as much as 25 percent. The resale value on a unit is also very high. A portable structure from Vanhomes is a solid investment.


If you have a need for portable accommodation, the solution is Vanhomes. They are an Australian owned and operated company that is taking over the portable granny flat industry by storm. With high standards of quality and amazing service, Vanhomes is Australia’s number one choice for portable accommodation.

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Lachlan Prior

Written by Lachlan Prior