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The best granny flats in Sydney are at Vanhomes. The company is becoming Australia’s preferred choice as a supplier of portable accommodations. They make a range of structures including those for granny flats, workers accommodations, emergency lodging, disaster relief structures, and more. The units are delivered in one piece and are easy to set up.

Granny flats in the Central Coast are a great choice for a family that does have an elderly relative that will be moving in with them. All of the flats come with a full-size bathroom, shower, and kitchen and can offer the perfect environment for a family member. It could also be used for a family that is growing. Use the space in the backyard for a flat to give everyone the room that they need. A unit from Vanhomes allows for independent living close to the rest of the family.


When in need of granny flats in Melbourne, Australia’s largest builder of manufactured towable units can help to meet your needs of alternative accommodations. Vanhomes understands that sometimes living arrangements need taken care of and done so quickly. One of the advantages to choosing a unit from Vanhomes is that building permits are not needed. Waiting for permits can take months. There is no wait with a flat from Vanhomes.


The units are mobile and can be relocated very easily. Delivery is inexpensive and the units can be moved in a breeze. A granny flat from the experts at VanHomes has the flexibility to change with a person’s lifestyle requirements. When living arrangements change, a unit from Vanhomes has the ability to change right along with them. A move to a new city, Sydney or Melbourne for example, is made that much easier with a structure that can be relocated.


There are some areas of the Central Coast where residents, or soon-to-be residents, live in a flood zone. In those areas, the only structures that can be placed there are those that can be towed. Because of certain restrictions, new buildings and homes cannot be built, but a granny flat from Vanhomes is perfectly acceptable.


The ease of delivery and set up is another big advantage when working with VanHomes. The unit is delivered in one piece. Two workers can set up a unit in approximately half a day. Structures can be custom made too and all of Vanhomes portable accommodations are made of the finest materials with the best craftsmanship in the industry. It is why Vanhomes is the premiere manufacturer of granny flats in Australia.


When you are in need of extra accommodation, Vanhomes has the solution. If you are in need of independent living for a relative wanting to be close to family, Vanhomes can make that possible. A unit from the company can meet the demands of your changing lifestyle requirements. Custom designs are available and the company goes out of its way to make sure that customers are satisfied. Choose the best from Australia’s own Vanhomes.

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Lachlan Prior

Written by Lachlan Prior