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06 October 2023

Creating and Installing a VanHome: A Guide On the Process

Creating and Installing a VanHome: A Guide On the Process

Setting up a VanHome is easy

At VanHomes, we take great pride in offering affordable homes that are delivered and installed quickly. With VanHomes, you can set up your home in hours - and in many cases, without needing building approval in New South Wales.

We have specific requirements before installing a VanHome on your chosen site, and we aim to provide you with a seamless experience.

Positioning your VanHome



VanHomes delivers Australia-wide, providing various options for a smooth delivery and installation of your home in your preferred location. Our homes are built on a towable chassis with functioning wheels, brakes, and lights.

We have specific delivery and installation parameters in place to ensure your home's stability on any terrain. Rest assured, our expertise ensures a simple and secure experience for you.

A crane might be the solution if you have a location that might seem tricky to access. We have worked with many customers to achieve a smooth installation using a crane. 

Crane Installation Guide


Levelling the Property

VanHomes Installation (4)


Ensuring proper levelling of the ground where your VanHome will be located is crucial. A flat and stable foundation offers practicality and stability and provides an ideal base for folding out the floor.


VanHomes Levelling


Adjustable Legs

Every supporting leg on a VanHome is adjustable, making it incredibly convenient to relocate to areas with varying terrain heights. VanHomes easily adapt to the required elevation, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout the journey.

The adjustable legs are mounted on the extendable floor, so it will be okay if you’ve got a firm surface with a few bumps.


Floors and Sidewalls

Once the legs are levelled and the floor is installed, followed by the sidewall, the next step is to bring the end wall into place. With that in position, the team can fit flashing and guttering, ensuring a polished and finished result.


VanHomes Double Expanding Suite-1


Here you have it—a stunning VanHome, awaiting your entrance and ready to be lived in. Interested in owning a VanHome? Watch our video on how a VanHome unfolds.



Look no further - We have all the information you need to kickstart your journey.

VanHomes, your trusted partner for customised and adventurous living. Experience the freedom of the open road or enjoy a compact yet comfortable living space. We turn your vision into reality. 


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