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The VanHomes Difference

Your dream made attainable.

We know home is where the heart is.

Likewise, as your VanHome is a legally registrable caravan, it is built to comply with caravan standards. This means your VanHome can be sited in flood-prone and fire-prone areas without needing to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This is a housing solution for those looking to create a home without difficulty.

VanHomes Moving with you

We can move wherever life takes you.

As legally registrable caravans, your VanHome can move wherever you need to go. Our homes are built onto a towable chas­sis, with fully functioning wheels, brakes and lights. Should you move, we can relocate your home anywhere you'd like. Your VanHome is 100% relocatable. 

Discover Caravans vs VanHomes
Seamless process VanHomes

Seamless process from beginning to end.

One of the best parts of your VanHome is that it requires no BA approval. As your VanHome is built offsite and moved as a registrable caravan onto your property, it is able to be legally sited without a building application. This means less hassle and a smooth turnaround for the development of your new VanHome.

The NSW Council Bypass