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Mar 25, 2021 3:41:00 PM

How to buy a VanHome!

How to buy a VanHome!


In this video, VanHomes takes you on a tour of buying your own VanHome. Starting with the first contact, we cover everything from the buying to the delivery process.


If you're looking to buy a VanHome and you want to know the ins and outs of the process, we've made this video for you. From the purchase through to the delivery day, we rundown what you can expect when purchasing your VanHome.


1. You Purchase Your VanHome

Firstly, you'll be in contact with one of our sales consultants. They'll assist you in finding the perfect VanHome to suit your needs. Additionally, they can help you in choosing colours and features to make your VanHome unique.

Once you're ready, you'll sign your purchase agreement for a floor plan and pay your 20% deposit. This secures your place in our production schedule.


2. We Model Your VanHome and Source Materials

From there, our designers get to work. We start by drawing a 3D model that matches the plan you chose, and then we turn that into a working drawing for our production team. At the same time, our procurement team will be busy sourcing all the materials that will be used in your VanHome. We only use the highest quality Australian steel, residential grade glass, and slip-resistant hard-wearing vinyl floors for our VanHomes.


3. We Prepare Your VanHome For Assembly

After the plans have been drawn and the materials have been sourced, our welding department begins work. They start by crafting the chassis and framework of your VanHome. Our boilermakers work within a millimetre of perfect precision and are assessed for quality before any items move to the following department.

The preparation department is responsible for creating specific components that will help speed up our manufacturing time. This means that we can get more VanHomes out to more happy customers without sacrificing any quality.

Can I customise our fittings and utilities?

4. We Assemble Your VanHome

Our assembly department does precisely what you'd expect; they assemble the components that the previous departments created to make a VanHome. They take the chassis floor, put up the frames, sheet the walls, and fit it internally.


5. We Send Your VanHome Away To Be Road Certified

Our final quality assurance check is done before we pack up the VanHome. Then it's ready to go and receive its road-worthy certificate. A VanHome must obtain this certificate since it needs this to be considered a caravan. Any product that claims to be a caravan must provide a road-worthy certificate to prove that it is a caravan and not just a building on wheels.

What is a Road-Worthy Certificate?

6. We Deliver Your VanHome To Your Location

After this, your VanHome is all done and ready to be delivered. Once the final balance has been paid, a delivery team will tow the van to your property, place it where you request, and install it over a day.

After our team finished installing your VanHome, it's ready to be connected to the power via a 15amp extension cord, water via a garden hose, and the on-site waste system via a licensed plumber.

And that's it. I hope you enjoyed learning about what you can expect when purchasing your VanHome. If you have any questions that weren't answered in this video, please reach out to one of our friendly sales consultants. They'll be happy to assist.


How Much Does A VanHome Cost?

No VanHome is the same, this means prices may vary depending on requirements. We are sure your VanHome will be the most cost-effective solution for your dream home.

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