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As a Sales Consultant at VanHomes, Rachael collaborates closely with customers to meticulously craft their ideal VanHome. 

Her expertise and dedication ensure that each design reflects the vision and desires of every individual client, creating dream-worthy living spaces that exceed expectations.

Unwavering Support: Rachael deeply appreciates the distinctive product that VanHomes promotes and the unwavering support from every team member, even in challenging circumstances. Ensuring exceptional customer care from the initial enquiry through post-installation support is a priority at VanHomes that Rachael loves.

Positive Outlook and Efficient Time Management: Rachael possesses three valuable skills that contribute to her success: a positive outlook, problem-solving abilities, and efficient time management. Her primary objective is to establish herself as a guiding hand for clients, assisting them on their home journey rather than merely attempting to persuade them to purchase a product.

Working at VanHomes is rewarding. We're privileged to help individuals during tough times, guiding them to affordable and admirable accommodations they can proudly call home.

Rachael is renowned among her colleagues for her unwavering commitment, genuine care, and relentless work ethic. Her proudest achievement so far has been receiving a promotion in the first two months of working with VanHomes.

Her family regards her as their everything. She enjoys spending quality moments with her husband and son during her leisure time.

One of her most cherished moments at VanHomes is receiving customer reviews or emails expressing their happiness and satisfaction with her service and care.

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