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Monique is rocking it at VanHomes! She's the ultimate multitasker, juggling her Accounts and Administration Assistant role with finesse.


.Monique is an integral part of the VanHomes family, bringing her expertise as an Accounts and Administration Assistant. With a devoted stay-at-home mum background, Monique effortlessly transitioned into her role at VanHomes. She does an excellent job managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, making sure everything runs smoothly! 

Monique's journey to VanHomes is a testament to her passion for growth and commitment to re-enter the workforce. Intrigued by the promise of excitement and learning opportunities, she eagerly joined VanHomes. Her enthusiasm shines through in her daily tasks and interactions.

Making Affordable Housing a Reality:
Monique admires VanHomes' mission to provide accessible housing options that empower individuals facing financial constraints. The company's dedication to delivering quality homes at affordable prices resonates deeply with her. Monique believes that everyone deserves a place to call home.

Dedication and Support:
Monique brings a diligent work ethic, a warm personality, and innovative thinking to her daily role. She's an indispensable part of the team, offering unwavering support to her colleagues. Her commitment to helping customers find their dream homes while ensuring a seamless buying experience makes her an asset to VanHomes.

A Proud Balancing Act: Monique's proudest achievement is being a mother. She's also proud of her ability to demonstrate strength, independence, and work-life balance to her son. At VanHomes, she finds and environment that values these qualities, making it an even more rewarding experience.

A Global Impact: One of Monique's most memorable experiences was contributing to a VanHomes installation in Papua New Guinea. Witnessing the company's reach beyond Australia amazed her. VanHomes' products are transforming lives globally, inspiring Monique in her work.

"Working for VanHomes is amazing! No two days are alike, making it a great workplace."

When Monique isn't immersed in her role, she spends quality time with her family and friends, creating cherished memories.

Join us in celebrating Monique Middlemiss - a dedicated Accounts and administration assistant who brings her passion and dedication to every facet of her role at VanHomes. Her commitment to making affordable housing accessible and her unwavering support for her colleagues make her an integral part of our team.


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