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Matt Trippe VanHomes

As a System Operations Administrator and IT Manager, Matthew is responsible for developing and maintaining the systems and equipment of the business.


With over twenty years of experience in sales and IT, Matthew deeply understands diverse industries and their distinct needs. This expertise empowers him to proficiently deploy numerous outlets and effectively coordinate their logistics, ensuring seamless operations.

Matthew had been supplying equipment and offering consulting services to VanHomes for several years before joining the company. As the business expanded, the need for on-site IT became imperative. Then, Matthew was given a unique chance to grow alongside a company he had seen grow tremendously.


A Workplace of Pride and Passion: Matthew firmly believes that VanHomes is excellently positioned to bridge the divide between the existing housing demands and clients' unique needs. Within VanHomes, team member well-being and personal development are highly valued, fostering growth and nurturing talent in every role.


Valuable and Supportive: Matthew possesses a diverse range of skills, including resourcefulness, problem-solving, and unwavering integrity. His colleagues would describe him as reliable, supportive, and innovative. He aptly describes the VanHomes culture as a "close-knit family." The dedicated VanHomes team is driven by their passion to provide every client with optimal solutions and unmatched experiences.

Working for VanHomes is a new opportunity at every turn.


Matthew's most remarkable accomplishment is building a new life and forming a loving family in Australia. You'll often find him reconnecting with his loved ones or enjoying a weekend movie night.


Matthew loves that a VanHome can be moved and deployed anywhere. He enjoys watching new VanHomes being installed, even though he's not part of the on-site team.

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