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With more than two decades of expertise in customer service, sales, and marketing across diverse industries, including retail and construction.

Living Made Fun and Effortless: Kylie loves VanHomes for its seamless relocation capabilities. They provide homes for loved ones nearby and offer emergency accommodation to needy families. Kylie believes VanHomes has a solution for everyone, providing beautiful homes that people can be proud of.

Making a Difference for Those in Need: Kylie listens attentively and comprehends her customers' requirements, delivering tailored solutions to suit their unique circumstances. She is meticulously organised and communicates openly with customers, promptly addressing their requests and following up on conversations.

Kylie goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer she serves feels heard and at ease. She genuinely cares about their needs and is always delighted to provide additional assistance.

Celebrating Life's Proud Moments: Kylie has experienced numerous moments of pride in her professional and personal life. In her career, she achieved the remarkable feat of attaining the position of National Manager in a prominent company spanning across Australia. On the personal front, she takes immense pride in successfully raising four children and extending her support by sponsoring two children in Africa.

Working for VanHomes is rewarding and keeps me on my toes, you never know what the next customer will need or the circumstances they might face.

Kylie adores the spaciousness of a VanHome. It's often an underrated aspect that instantly makes you feel at home. The homes are not only roomy and comfortable but also perfect for hosting guests with pride.

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