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Vanhomes is Australia’s leading manufacturer of portable, towable granny flats and cabins. When in need of a portable mining accommodation, Vanhomes has the answer. An Australian owned and operated business, the company prides itself on making the best products in the industry with the best materials and the finest craftsmanship. The results speak for themselves. Vanhomes is becoming the preferred choice for supplying portable accommodations all across Australia.

A portable mining accommodation from Vanhomes is constructed of high quality materials. Frames are made of sturdy, durable steel and all of the floors are water resistant. Roofs are constructed from aluminum and then coated with waterproof and soundproof rubber paint. All units have full size kitchens and full size bathrooms.


With a portable unit from Vanhomes there is no waiting on building permits. Customers don’t need to worry about property on a flood plain either. Towable structures, like those made by Vanhomes, are permitted in areas that are flood prone. All portable units are delivered in one piece making them easy to deliver and set up. A two-man team can have a portable mining accommodation ready to go in about half a day.


Vanhomes offers alternative accommodation solutions, not only for industry, but also for personal use. The company’s units have a wide variety of applications including for elderly relatives that want to live close to their family. They also build cabins for use in caravan parks. In either case, a unit from Vanhomes is a wise investment as they have been proven to increase property values by as much as 25 percent.

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Lachlan Prior

Written by Lachlan Prior