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08 August 2017

Relocate Easy In Sydney & Melbourne - Portable VanHomes Granny Flats

Relocate Easy In Sydney & Melbourne - Portable VanHomes Granny Flats

Portable Granny Flats in Sydney offer people the flexibility to move around when their lifestyles change or a move is required. Vanhomes is Australia’s leading producer of towable units, including granny flats, cabins, and more. The company is 100 percent Australian owned and operated and has gained a reputation around the nation for excellence in the industry. No matter what the portable accommodation need is, Vanhomes will find a solution.

The company has been in operation for five years now, and is Australia’s preferred choice for portable accommodations for a wide variety of purposes. Portable granny flats in the Central Coast are a specialty, but units are also made for workers accommodations when on job sites, such as mines, solar farms or other FIFO workers. The company can also provide units for disaster relief or any form of emergency situation. Some may find that a unit could become a nice retirement home, fishing shack, or even a ski hut.


There are numerous advantages to using portable units made by Vanhomes. A portable granny flat, for example, does not require a building permit. When someone is need of a quick solution to their living arrangements, they do not want to be waiting around on a permit. Portable units do not require them.


Another advantage is the convenience and the ease of transportation and set up. Portable granny flats in Melbourne can be delivered without breaking the bank and setting up a unit is simple. A two-person team can have a unit ready to go in half a day. Since the unit can be moved, if a situation arises where it needs to be relocated, it can be with relative ease. That cannot be done with a conventional home.


There are areas in Melbourne and Sydney that are in official flood zones. When working in those areas or for a homeowner that wants to expand, the only structures permitted are those that are towable. In those cases, a unit from Vanhomes is the only solution.


The homes and cabins made by Vanhomes can be customised, and they are made from the best quality materials using the best craftsmanship in the industry. All of the units are one piece when delivered. The frames are made of steel and aluminum with water-resistant flooring. The roofs are constructed of aluminum and are coated with soundproof and water-resistant rubber paint.


It is also well known that the presence of a granny flat on a property can enhance its value. While the structure can provide a nice place of residence for an elderly relative who desires to be close to family, it will also improve the value of a property. It has been reported that values have risen by 25 percent as the result of a Vanhome granny flat being on the property. Not only does a unit solve an accommodation problem, but it can be a wise investment as well.


If you are in need of portable accommodations, contact Australia’s leader in the industry, Vanhomes. You can discuss which model best suits your needs and the company can begin building your unit.

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Australian Made

VanHomes have been building relocatable homes in NSW since 2008. They are fully transportable homes, and we can deliver them anywhere in Australia.