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VanHomes for Rent

Studio Suites for rent for long term use

Models Available for Rent

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Why VanHomes?

VanHomes are an excellent granny flat solution if you’re looking for an option for elderly relatives who want to live close by while maintaining independence or young couples who are saving for a family home. Plus, granny flats also increase the value of your property.

100% Relocatable

Our homes are built onto a towable chassis, with fully functioning wheels, brakes and lights. Should you move, we can relocate your home anywhere you'd like.

No BA Approval

Our product is a legally registrable caravan and is lawfully able to be sited without a building application.

BCA Compliance

As our product is a legally registrable caravan, it can be sited in flood-prone and fire-prone areas without needing to comply with the Building Code of Australia.


Our VanHomes range from 17-60 squared meters. To put this into perspective, the average size of a Sydney apartment is 42 squared meters.