Lets take it back to the start

In 2008, founder and CEO - Vito Russo, had a dream to provide affordable housing to all Australians; providing a product that is so innovative, that it is the pinnacle of affordable housing today. 


Currently located in Somersby, our dedicated team manufacture our Vanhomes with expert precision. Our welding team starts with the finest quality steel, constructing the chassis/base of the home. Each chassis is fitted with working brakes, lights, axels and wheels for transport.

From there, our building team work to build the home onto the chassis. They work skilfully to ensure that our product is absolutely perfect before it leaves the factory.

Finally, our installation team connect the Van to one of our delivery vehicles, and drive it to our customer! No distance is too great, we have Vans all over the country! WA, Tasmania, you name it! It is the never say die attitude that allows us to provide housing solutions to the entire country.